Unique Features

Círculo is a safe way to share your concerns, status and location with a small group of close friends, relatives or colleagues.

Self Defense

Create a circle of support to defend against violence and threats, online and offline.

Secure Messaging

Everything you share in the app is encrypted end-to-end and stays safe on your phone.

Protected Identity

No real name, email or phone number required to use the service, and no IP addresses logged.

Flexible Trust

You can have multiple circles, each with a different set of people and purpose.

Security & Privacy First

Círculo communication and encryption is based on the Matrix platform and OLM encryption, which is similar to Signal and WhatsApp encryption, but without phone numbers as identifiers..

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Developed with Care

Círculo was built through a partnership with leading organizations concerned with human rights, digital privacy and physical safety.

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Círculo for Android

The app is available today for Android, and soon for iOS

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The app is available today for Android, and soon for iOS


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